Thalapure™ Shrimp

Quality Controlled, freeze-dried algae zoea feed, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids


Inconsistencies in production, risk of disease introduction and the overall cost of live algae production in shrimp farms is of huge concern to shrimp producers worldwide.

Thalapure™ Shrimp is a specifically designed feed for zoea during their first 3 days of life when they are at their most fragile. Thalapure™ shrimp represents a major step forward in the provision of quality controlled nutrition to the shrimp industry and fills the void that commercially available shrimp feeds are unable to satisfy.

Thalapure™ Shrimp is rich in Omega-3 oils with a very favourable EPA:DHA ratio. It is highly ingestible, digestible and a rich source of protein, vitamins and minerals.